Hand auf Gabelstaplerkurbel


We implement your specific requirements.

At our storage locations in and around Austria, we are able to respond individually to whatever your goods demand. From goods receipt and storage to goods issue and delivery. You can trust your personal contact person and use all the advantages of our web application. We are happy to attend to your special requirements and offer you a broad range of specific additional services.


You'll find an overview of our storage options here.

Warehouse Standard ADR Thermo Pharma
High rise rack
Block storage
Open-air storage
Thermo 2-8°
Thermo 15-18°
Pharma 15-25°
Access control
Video surveillance
Temperature monitoring
Value Added Services
Returns management
❗️ Service offer varies by location.

Martin Smrtnik

Michael Röhrer

Erika Karnel

Srečko Tomić

Milan Grmuša